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At Talk in Action, we're a family - literally!

At Talk in Action, we are a family - literally. So we understand the value and importance of children and families coming first. We therefore aim to support families with quality, personalised, evidence-based therapeutic interventions in a friendly, warm environment to support children to achieve their full potential.

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About TiA

Meet Our Family 

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Dr   Ying  Kan

Counselling Psychologist

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Zara   Kan

Speech & Language Therapist

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Yau Kan

Family Support

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Dr Karen Lee



Cream &  Soda Kan

Pawsitivity Ambassadors

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The Team

What We Do

Speech & Language Therapy

Some children have difficulty putting words together or find it hard to say sounds clearly. Zara can support you and your child's communication, speech, language and social development needs

Parenting Support

Every child and their family is unique. All our therapists are certified Incredible Years® program trained and can offer support and input for all your parenting questions and needs.

Counselling & Therapy

Dr Ying and Dr Karen specialise in working with young children, teens and young adults to learn more about themselves as well as manage difficult emotions stemming from problems or stressors that can feel overwhelming or  distressing.


All our therapists are certified Social Thinking® practitioners who use evidence-based theory to support your child to learn the necessary skills and experience to make friends and work well with others in groups!


Zara, Dr Ying & Dr Karen are experienced assessors who see the child holistically and whose assessment goals are to support parents, teachers and other professionals to understand more about a child's specific needs, their strengths and weaknesses and how to best support their development.

Our Space

Our space has been specifically designed to encourage a sense of calmness, comfort and home - from our little reading nook to our spacious group room. These are ideal environments for children to learn, interact and develop in individual, group and family sessions. 

Get in touch!

Ground floor

26 Arbuthnot Road


Hong Kong


Tia Logo.png
Our Space
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