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Dr Karen Lee

Clinical Psychologist

BSc Psychology

Master of Social Sciences in Counselling

MA Clinical Psychology

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Dr Karen Lee completed her Master and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. Dr Karen was educated in Canada and completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Toronto. Upon returning to Hong Kong, she determined to gain life and working experiences in various work settings before continuing her education in Counseling in Hong Kong.

Dr Karen has worked with children, teenagers, and young adults and families in international schools, and private clinics for more than 12 years. Dr Karen is trilingual, speaking English, Cantonese and Mandarin with fluency. 


Dr Karen provides person-centre and systematic approaches in helping children, teenagers, their families, and schools gain better understanding of an individual’s learning, social, and emotional needs for facing challenges at schools and in daily lives. She works with children, teenagers, and young adults with neurodevelopmental conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD, as well as emotional conditions, such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc. Dr Karen provides support to individuals, and their families in recognizing challenging and maladaptive patterns in various settings of their daily lives and employs psychotherapy methods to help them establish and maintain healthy coping strategies.

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李藝雯博士於加州專業心理學院獲得臨床心理學碩士及博士學位。李博士在加拿大接受教育及於多倫多大學完成心理學學士課程後, 她銳意回到香港工作豐富其工作和人生經驗及進修輔導學 。 

李博士在國際學校和私營中心等具有逾十二年臨床心理治療經驗 , 採用以人為中心及系統心理學理等理念為治療方向,為兒童、 青少年、 及其家庭等,以英語、廣東話或普通話提供不同層面的臨床心理治療。她的治療個案包括抑鬱、焦慮、驚恐、強迫、創傷、自我認同、以及處理兒童情緒困擾、發展障礙如有專注力不足/多動行為、自閉症、溝通障礙等。

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