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Tim Conroy-Stocker

Educational Psychologist

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Diploma Psychology

Masters of Educational Psychology

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Tim is a UK-qualified and trained Educational Psychologist. He has over 25 years experience in education, with 12 years as a successful A-level teacher before training as a Psychologist. He has spent the last 15 years practicing as an Educational Psychologist in the UK and in Hong Kong. He has extensive experience assessing the needs of, and working with, preschoolers, children, teenagers, young adults and their families with a range of learning, social and behavioural challenges.

Tim has expertise in all aspects of educational assessment and has a deep and wide ranging knowledge of how special educational needs are supported in International school settings in Hong Kong. Tim’s specialist interests include supporting students with Executive functioning challenges, and the use of mindfulness to regulate attention and anxiety


In assessment and intervention Tim borrows ideas from play based assessment,  dynamic assessment, personal construct psychology and cognitive psychology to make connections and form rapport with the children he assesses. He uses a wide range of assessment tools to ensure a comprehensive picture of the child’s strengths and challenges.

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Tim’s experience working with International schools in Hong Kong (including being one of the Lead Psychologists and Special Needs Advisor for the English Schools Foundation (ESF) and Head of Counselling and Learning Enhancement at the Chinese International School (CIS)) and Local Authorities in the UK has given him a detailed knowledge of educational systems in Hong Kong and internationally. This knowledge helps him to tailor assessments for specific children, and liaise with parents and schools to support the implementation of recommendations. Tim is very comfortable delivering training  to school staff teams,  and can offer this follow up to educational psychology assessments as required.

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As a qualified Academy for Mindful Teaching instructor, Tim has run a variety of mindfulness groups for children and young people helping in the development of attention skills and the management of anxiety. Tim has also worked as a consultant for Indieflix, the most important distributor of independent documentaries in the world, appearing in their films ‘Like’ and ‘Upstanders’ as an expert on social media use and bullying in teens. Tim has been a regular speaker at international conferences on supporting student wellbeing in schools, and the management of critical incidents. He regularly delivers parent training sessions for parents and schools on supporting students with Autism/Asperger's and other additional learning needs.


Tim is a registered Practitioner Psychologist of the UK Health Care Professions Council, Chartered Psychologist and Associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and  Associate Fellow with the Hong Kong Psychological Society.

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